Lyrics - City Light
Take a break. Some people work too hard. There's nothing better than to leave the city behind and take a walk out in the wildness of the countryside, whatever the weather. In fact wild weather on the wild moors can be strangely dramatic, and invigorating. You don't have to travel far from Bradford, which is the city I had in mind, to get out amongst this sort of beautiful landscape.

Part of a painting by Rahel Guzelian City Light

Most days your head is full of city light;
sunshine schemes and dreams from wall to wall.
Money spinning project swinging takes you high,
but nothing there to catch you if you fall.

Glowing with ideas you're buzzing brightly,
sunshine seems to flood your every day.
But too much sun can burn, you know,
and there are times when you must find the shade.

So come with me now
I think it's gonna be a wild day,
look at those heavy clouds
the storm is waiting.
We'll get up onto the high moors,
just as the storm breaks
and the wind will tangle our hair
as the rain begins to fall.

Your face looks grey today just like those paving stones.
That dull metallic look is in your eye.
You've ironed out those creases in your power clothes,
but I can almost see the pressure rise

So put down the phone pack up the lap-top.
Take the break that you have surely earned,
'cause if you don't back away from this city light
then your mind's gonna turn.
your mind's gonna turn.
Your mind's gonna burn.
Your mind's gonna...

Come with me now... etc

©2003 Rahel Guzelian