Lyrics - A Rainbow is Here
My sister Ani had Down's Syndrome. She was never able to run around and play in the way most children do. She never learnt to talk, but she communicated in other ways and was loved by many people. She lived to the age of twenty-eight. This song is for her. I hope it conveys at least some of her loveliness.

Ani Guzelian A Rainbow is Here

There was a thunderstorm,
we remember, the day you were born,
and the cows came onto the lawn -
pushing their way through a hole in the wall.
You, of course, remembered nothing of this;
the world was new and fascinating to you.

We watched as you grew -
you were round like a ball,
your face was a moon
and it was smiling.

You never spoke a word,
you just hummed along
to all the music of the world
and putting your hands to your ears
you'd make noises that pleased you so.

You took a few steps when you were six years old,
but you couldn't go far,
and you never complained.
Then at twenty-six years old
you were still the same
and you never complained.

People came to visit you -
you'd hold onto their hands,
putting your face up close to theirs.
Everyone knew
there was not much you could do
but they all went away
with fond memories of you.
You laughed and you shared,
the world was your friend,
the light in your face
made the thunderstorm end.

And on the day we buried you
and the rain fell softly like tears,
someone pointed gladly to the sky
saying, "A rainbow is here.
A rainbow is here, a rainbow is here.
A rainbow is here, a rainbow is here.
A rainbow is here, a rainbow is here."

©2003 Rahel Guzelian