Lyrics - A Piece of Your Peace
This song came about sometime after the Bradford riots in July 2001. The riots happened very near to my home. Later, I was listening to all the neighbouring young children playing happily in our back street, and hoping they wouldn't grow up to get involved with any such things in the future. It was lovely to be able to record this song with children from nearby Margaret McMillan Primary school.

Baby A Piece of Your Peace

Run in the fields, roll in the grass,
look at those flowers as you pass,
don't trample them,
don't be swayed by foolish men,
try to add a piece of your peace to this world.

Sister's calling you for tea.
Granddad's gonna sit you on his knee
and tell you a story
of how things used to be when he was young.
Listen to the sound of his voice,
feel the warmth of his arms,
hear the words and what they say
and keep them close.

Run in the fields..

Soon you'll be growing tall
enough to see over the back yard wall,
across the city domes and spires
and chimneys striving for the sky.
And with all the power in your veins
don't forget your childhood games
and the summer song of joy
you sang out in our street
when you were a boy.

In the distance sounds the crash of breaking glass;
the burning tyres that take the corner too fast;
the bullet's anger hating and breaking the quiet night air;
fire and fury torching and scorching -
don't want to see you there,
don't want to see you there.

Run in the fields...

©2003 Rahel Guzelian